Inspire My Soul is officially launching Thursday 8th March at The Business Girls Inspire & Awards Conference. I am so excited and cannot believe that it is only 3 sleeps away!

The days have been long and there have been many sleepless nights. Long lists of to do’s, never thinking I would see light at the end of the tunnel. I have been encouraged, mentored, supported and enveloped in love and understanding by the wonderful, no AMAZING women from The Business Girls Network – a community of women in business who totally get it and who’s motto is collaboration not competition.

Showcasing at this amazing event will be our empowering sterling silver jewellery and inspirational gift collection. I cannot think of a better audience to launch to, a room full of women in business.

As I bring this to conclusion, I can hardly keep my eyes open. I couldn’t get to sleep and have been awake all night. Instead of tossing and turning, I decided to getup, make myself a hot drink and do something practical. So I have been working on my new website pages since the wee hours of the morning. Typically, as sleep now seems to be upon me, I have to be up in 30 minutes for an early appointment.

Perhaps I’ll get to have 40 winks later today. Doubt it, there are so many things still on my to do list, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my eyes open. I’ll just take my strength from wearing my inspirational necklace which will remind me that I’ve got this!

– women who inspire women – women who empower women –

With love and inspiration for your soul – Karen xxx