Made from 925 sterling silver, these charms are part of our symbol collection . The charms in this range cannot be hand stamped.

However, they are full of symbolic meaning and sit beautifully with your symbol and initial charms. They are a celestial collection of mixed metals!

A simply fabulous addition to your inspirational necklace.

A mix of three metals:
Silver (sterling silver)
Gold (sterling silver/gold plate)
Rose (sterling silver/rose gold plate)

Measuring 6mm from left to right star tips.

★ Shine brightly like the individual star you are
★ Hope
★ Truth
★ Purity
★ Self-fulfilment
★ Advancement
★ Good luck in dreams
★ Shines bright in the darkness and holds all wisdom
★ Representing light being shed on the truth in life
★ Will guide you through hard times